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Micro Art
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Sketch Art
Guinness World Record in Pencil Art!
In middle of Lockdown 2020 when Pandemic was emerging its ugly face I planned to set a new Guinness World Record. It was dream come true with everyone's blessings and wishes and month long dedicated artwork I could accomplish the record. Come enjoy my artworks and see the miniature world through my eyes.
Pencil Carving Art
Gift your Loved ones surprising pencil art names. Cherish the moment and make it a life time memory.
Pencil name carvings are the best most unique gifts one can gift. Be it be anniversary, birthday, wedding, valentines or any kind of special occasion JJ’s artworks can be the best gift you can think of. Pencil name carvings come in various bottles and frames crafted with love and packed carefully to make your special moment memorable.
My Artworks
Take a Tour of My Other Artworks
Witness most stunning entricate miniature world carved on pencil by me. The artwork you will see are all hand made and with a very micro scale.
Speed Painting
Ready to see jaw dropping artworks performed live. Take a look at my Live stage performances of Speed paintings performed at various events. Book your event performance soon I will rock your stage with stunning upside down speed paintings!
Colors reflects moods and here are wonderful paintings you can gift your loved ones. I create Acrylics and Oil paintings.
Pencil Sketchers
Wonderful pencil Sketches you see are various commissioned artworks. Book your artwork too and gift your loved ones their portraits
Speed Art
Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
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